Proprium Cycle
... The body of work which evolved around the title “Proprium Cycle” solves my years-long questions of defining self in micro to macro levels. I use body parts as a symbol for a proprietor of life and manipulate myself as a model.
My work begins with exploring the self and progresses to macrocosmic understanding of the self which is, in sum, how one composes a life. When time is added to one’s experiences in the micro level, generalization and simplification happen, and it is a way of accepting the self.

Welcome to my laboratory and explore places for yourself……

Sala Diaz presents a mixed media exhibition by Jung Hee Mun called Propium Cycle. Mun is on a “quest to identify the constant processes within and about the self, and the mind’s struggle to rationalize and understand how to be a self.” Visit Sala Diaz and save $200 an hour and the shame of the analyst’s couch.

Participating in the 2011 Texas Biennial.

Rounding Up of Self, 2011